Starting a Family as a Female Architect

I have to admit that I really struggled over the last year, regarding the thoughts of starting a family. My husband and I at the young age of  40 and 35 respectively decided to “start trying” in April of last year on our 1 year anniversary. In an effort to get multiple perspectives I started scheduling lunches with all the female architects that I know that have families, and was a bit disappointed in the discussion.

Generally I would say that the majority of the women architects that I have talked to have not felt as professionally satisfied post-family than they were pre-family, and all too many were quick to recant the struggles they had with the firm and themselves coming back to work after maternity leave. Of those that have managed to find a balance between the two, they have had to leave their firms and start their own practice or were principals of their own small practice to begin with.

So my big question is – Where does this leave me? I admit that I wasn’t waiting for someone to sit around and tell me that it is “easy,” but not once did anyone say it was “doable.” How do I define my own path in a way that keeps my future baby happy, keeps my husband happy, and keeps me happy?

AUTHOR - Evelyn Lee

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