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Getting Back to Exercise, Getting Back to Me

I’ve been somewhat of an athlete all my life. I played competitive soccer since I was in 4th grade and even had a stint on a NCAA I team in undergrad. Before I was pregnant I was playing at least once a week on the weekends on what I would consider a semi-competitive team and would hit the gym on a regular basis. Ironically I found that one of the best motivators to get a good cardio workout in was the fact that I would only allow myself the opportunity to watch some of my favorite shows while on the elliptical or treadmill. Since becoming a mother I have found it much harder to get back into it. This is attempt #3 and I am publishing it here so that others may put me on notice. Besides, “third time’s a charm” – right?


I have a plan, with several motivators in place (just in case weightloss and fitting back into my post-pregnancy closet wasn’t enough). As you may be able to imagine I’m jumping all in: that means 2 different types of workouts 6-7 days a week. At this point I’m desperate to get back into my clothes, 15 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight, and 25 lbs away from my “feeling incredibly awesome” weight. Did I mention I gained 68 lbs in the 9 months of my pregnancy?


So here’s the plan:

  • Cardio 7 days a week using the Couch to 10k Zen Fitness Trainer. I’m accelerating this program kicking-up from training only 3 days a week. Here’s the link to the Itunes Store. Here’s the link to the Google Play Store.I like the app because it gives audio guidance over whatever music you want to play, and the interval runs build-up overtime to help increase endurance. I also figured if the apocalypse happens (or the next big earthquake), building-up my endurance to run a 10k is good for survival. It’s also means that I may be able to run a full 45 minutes on the soccer field (although that’s an entirely different type of shape I have to be in).
  • Bodyweight strength training (that means no equipment) 6 days a week by FitStar Personal Trainer. I like the app because it uses bodyweight, which means it’s easy to do at home and on the go, and it customizes your next workout based on how you responded to the duration or number of reps in each exercise of the current workout.Unfortunately it’s not free, but at $8 per month or $40 per year it still beats the price of a gym.
  • Track calorie intake using MyFitnessPal. I have consistently found that that this is the easiest app for tracking caloric intake based on the database of food they have. It also syncs seamlessly with my FitBit account which is an added bonus. For individuals who do a lot of cooking it’s incredibly really easy to pull in the recipe from a number of different sites making it super efficient in tracking total caloric intake.


As for the incentives? There are the mental ones.

  • My son turns 1 on Sunday, which has me feeling extra guilty for being at this current weight and not at my pre-baby weight.
  • I recently bought a brand new pair of Adidas Boston Boost 6 running shoes, my first in at least 5 years.
  • Not too long ago I purchased a FitBit Alta, (that was attempt #002 to getting back in shape) and feel guilty that I haven’t put it to good use.


Finally, I have real consumable incentives to get me going.

  • After working out for 30 consecutive days I get a MyHydate Waterbottle
  • After working out for 60 consecutive days I get a subscription to FabFitFun
  • After working out for 90 consecutive days I upgrade my FitBit Alta band to the FitBit Alta metal bracelet


Anyone out there want to keep me accountable? My next update should be on (or around) October 21st, 2016.

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