First Experience with a Sick Infant

Last weekend my husband started coming down with a cold. By the middle of the week I joined in on the nose blowing, and unfortunately our little infant (newly 100 days old) ended-up being the last one in our family to fall victim. A strong believer in the powers of Ziacam – especially their RapidMelts – I am first to admit that I am all for drugging up to power through, which in the end makes me feel completely helpless when it comes to my son.

Last night I got little sleep making sure his congestion didn’t overwhelm him so much he couldn’t breathe. Tonight his symptoms are worse and I can already feel the uneasy anxiousness that kept me awake last night building in the pit of my stomach. We’ve irrigated his nostrils with a Nose Frida, gave him a bath, and put in down with his nightly routine with a baby massage, change of clothes, and final feeding. We put books under one side of the crib mattress to elevate his head and I am sitting here just wishing I could take any sick feeling away and turn his more labored breathing back to those cute baby sleeping noises.

I have always had my anxious moments but I feel as though they have quadrupled within the last three months. Unfortunately I think this is going to be my new normal state now that mommyhood is a part of my life. I just pray that he’s on the up and up tomorrow. Please, please, please… *sigh*

AUTHOR - Evelyn Lee

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