Random Thoughts

First Experience with a Sick Infant

Last weekend my husband started coming down with a cold. By the middle of the week I joined in on the nose blowing, and unfortunately our little infant (newly 100 days old) ended-up being the last one in our family to fall victim. A strong believer in the powers of Ziacam – especially their RapidMelts – I am first to admit that I am all for drugging up to power through, which in the end makes me feel completely helpless when it comes to my son. Last night I got little sleep making sure his congestion didn’t overwhelm him so much he couldn’t…


Getting Offered a Seat on Public Transportation

Today, not even though my first trimester nor at a point where I have begun wearing maternity clothes, a woman asked if I would like to have a seat on BART. I politely declined, but was surprised. I don’t know if I would be able to tell whether or not someone else at my stage in pregnancy – that was barely showing – is actually pregnant. Perhaps this new form of radar is one that comes with experience.


Starting a Family as a Female Architect

I have to admit that I really struggled over the last year, regarding the thoughts of starting a family. My husband and I at the young age of  40 and 35 respectively decided to “start trying” in April of last year on our 1 year anniversary. In an effort to get multiple perspectives I started scheduling lunches with all the female architects that I know that have families, and was a bit disappointed in the discussion. Generally I would say that the majority of the women architects that I have talked to have not felt as professionally satisfied post-family than they…