Evelyn Lee, Getting in Shape, MatriArch-itect

Getting Back to Exercise, Getting Back to Me

I’ve been somewhat of an athlete all my life. I played competitive soccer since I was in 4th grade and even had a stint on a NCAA I team in undergrad. Before I was pregnant I was playing at least once a week on the weekends on what I would consider a semi-competitive team and would hit the gym on a regular basis. Ironically I found that one of the best motivators to get a good cardio workout in was the fact that I would only allow myself the opportunity to watch some of my favorite shows while on the…


Maternity Leave, Best Laid Plans

It goes without saying that architects are “Type A” individuals. We like to have a plan and we like it when things go to plan. When I laid out my plan for maternity leave, with all good intentions, I knew full well it would change. I just didn’t know how much or how little I would ultimately have to deviate from it.